E-Tech Firetube Waste Heat Boilers

Custom Solutions Ranging from 100 to 1,000 HP and up to 300 PSI.

Excellent for petrochemical and thermal oxidizer applications.

Firetube boilers work by forcing exhaust gases through tubes immersed in water and represent the most economical means of generating steam from waste heat. E-Tech firetube boilers are generally used to generate steam from engine, thermal oxidizer and furnace exhaust.

E-Tech offers single- and multiple-pass designs in either vertical or horizontal tube arrangements; all are constructed to ASME standards and feature a basic boiler control package.

We can customize your firetube boiler to include refractory lined tube sheets and tube ferrules. We also offer dual-drum piggyback designs for enhanced steam quality, as well as superheaters and economizers to meet further quality and efficiency standards. We can create a complete boiler package for your plant, with additional equipment such as inlet and outlet breaching, stacks, dampers, ladders, platforms and expansion joints

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