Condensing Economizers from E-Tech

E-Tech's Condensing Economizers Yield Extremely High Efficiencies – Upward of 96%.

Condensing Economizers – The cost-efficient way to convert water vapor to recaptured heat.

During combustion of natural gas, water in the combustion air changes phase from liquid to gas. As a result, combustion products of natural gas typically contain 11% to 12% moisture, which represents up to 9% of beginning fuel content. With typical economizers, this energy escapes into the atmosphere with heated boiler gases. But a condensing economizer allows its recapture.

Using feedwater-cooled finned tubing, our condensing economizer cools exhaust gases below their dew point, releasing latent heat bound up in the vapor. The amount of recaptured heat is considerable — about 1,000 Btu per pound of condensate. The CO2 reduction is also significant: one cubic foot for each cubic foot of natural gas saved.

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